A few years back my friends’ daughter was telling us about this boy in her school that kept throwing rocks at her. Of course we immediately thought “ oh no he didn’t”.

But then we asked her why she thinks he threw the rocks at her.  She said, “ I think he likes me.”

We asked her if she said anything to him, her answer was “ No, I just threw rocks back at him. I kinda like him too.”

Funny and cute when you are 11 or 12, we definitely laughed out loud.

Then I thought: Boys throw rocks, what do the men do?

Here is an idea!

I was searching through the Internet to find the meaning of certain flowers. I found many many websites with different meanings for a variety of blossoms.

I am going to choose the flower of the day with the most optimistic, creative and fun meaning.

And if you feel the meaning of the flower has inspired you, go out there! Find that one bloom and give it to the person you were thinking of.

I think its time to bring back romance!

Our first bloom is a Gardenia . It means “ I love you in secret”.

So if you have a crush on someone, no words are needed.Give your crush a Gardenia bloom and let the sweet scent do the magic.