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Perfect desk x-mas tree!




Oh let’s just get both. They look too cute together!


This beautiful wild flower is commonly called a weed by the unenlightened.

The meaning of the lace flower is ‘Fantasy’

AND Fantasy is the creative power of imagination.

Use your imagination and let those fantasies bring out your romantic side.


What is your FANTASY?



Receiving flowers is definitely a romantic gesture!

And receiving a specific flower that has a sensual and exciting meaning, lets us have fun with romance again. Women love romance. MEN absolutely love it too.

It’s time we explore further!

Don’t forget, the meaning of romance is:

‘A love affair’

Share YOUR most memorable and passionate moments and inspire others to get creative with romance.

Love to hear YOUR story!

Platform Shoes as Flower Vases –

Floral Fashion! Check out these platform shoes!