Platform Shoes as Flower Vases –

Floral Fashion! Check out these platform shoes!


swissmiss | signature vase.


Great personalized vases for any event! 


If not, here is your chance .

For more information contact Danielle Gervais.

Over the years I have created different and unusual designs, also traditional vase arrangements. I always enjoy playing with my flowers . Here are a few more samples of my playful art.


Linda and I traveled from NYC to Santa Fe. We went to the big Indian Market . It was filled with many many great artists. It is absolutely beautiful there. Love the adobe homes and the landscaping, succulents,flowers,art,history…………..

My floral creations are inspired by my surroundings and the people around me. Working on 5th Ave for the past 2 1/2 years , I always passed by the Bergdorf Goodman windows. I loved their creativity and it always made me happy. Linda’s wonderfully creative and ‘alice in wonderland’ funky ideas,  have definitely inspired me in many ways to think outside the box.

Now I am in Los Angeles and I am happy to have the palm trees around me. The plants are amazing, the beach …so calming, the weather ….really nice , bike riding ….feels so good and of course new inspirations.

Here are a view photos from Santa Fe:

Congratulations to my  beautiful friends Amelia & Erika! The fiesta & wedding were absolutely wonderful. Their wedding was September 4th 2010!

Dahlias are absolutely beautiful and come in so many different variations and  colors. Walking through the flower market early morning and seeing all these gorgeous blooms , is definitely a wonderful and happy way to start your day.

I was asked the other day what my favorite flower was, and I had to think for a moment . Everyday I love a different bloom. Especially when seasons change and a certain variety of flowers start to grow. I just love them all.

To all the summer brides that have chosen the dahlia –> great great choice !

For this month its going to be the Dahlia!

Picture taken by Hazel’s friend Nicole Kirkitsos Savod